SAJMS - South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

The Integration of Loyalty, Satisfaction, and Relationship Commitment Models to Predict Customer Retention in Pakistani Telecom sector

Based on SERVQUAL Model, customer loyalty framework and relationship commitment model, this meta-analysis examines the effect of these well-defined models on customer retention. The study validates the impact of the given well-developed models and helps to develop strategies for enhancing and developing customer retention. The study utilized exploratory factor analysis, confirmatory factor analysis, and structural equation modeling to analyze customer retention outcome model. It was found that all three chosen models were found to have a significant impact on customer retention in the telecom sector of Pakistan. The study helps in devising strategies for increasing and improving service satisfaction, customer loyalty and customer trust towards an increase in customer retention. The contribution of this study is the construction of the structural path and measurement models of customer retention practices and provides operational competitive outcomes that could facilitate future research on customer retention in the service industry.

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