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Predicting Entrepreneurial Intentions among Students: Evidence from Pakistan Higher Education Institutions

Thousands of students are graduating each year, but the number of jobs in the market is much smaller. The unemployment rate is slowly and gradually increasing in Pakistan. There is a need to change people's minds by promoting the concept of entrepreneurship among them. Hence, the present paper aims to examine different perspectives through which the entrepreneurial intention of an individual can be formed. Online questionnaire was distributed among private university students. Therefore, in this study, four aspects are combined to evaluate the entrepreneurial intention in the Pakistan. The dataset was statistically analyzed using CFA and SMART-PLS. Finding revealed students with a business background, i.e., family background are likely to become an entrepreneur as they possess the skills from their parents. However, students with entrepreneurial personality traits also show interest in entrepreneurship, but universities and competent authorities are required to assist students in forming an entrepreneurial intention, especially among the students whose parents are not entrepreneurs.

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