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Analyzing the Impact of Youth Entrepreneurial Perspective on Sustainable Socio-Economic growth to achieve SDGs in Karachi

Youth and entrepreneurship are the two most legit formulations to cater to the ever-changing needs of today's mode of production. Youth always bring innovation, improvisation, and creativity into society. At the same time, businesses foster all the relevant factors for the sustainable development of people and the community to accomplish Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). New jobs, economic well-being, and equal distribution of wealth for the millions could only be possible if stakeholders listen to youth preferred stories to cater to and resolve local and global challenges for creating green economic opportunities. Therefore, entrepreneurship is considered a vital force, especially for developing countries sustainable social and economic development. The current research study investigates the impacts of the entrepreneurial perspective on sustainable socio-economic growth in Karachi. For this purpose, the data was collected and analyzed based on the quantitative research approach. The analysis is conducted through PLS-SEM techniques which determine the instrument's reliability, the convergent and discriminant validity, and finally, the regression results through path analysis. The results revealed that all the hypotheses are accepted and declared that financial factors, personal factors, governmental factors, and social factors are significant contributors to the youth entrepreneurial perspective.

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