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Omnichannel Apparel Retailing in the Context of Wixom & Todd Model

An evolution in the apparel retail industry from physical to online is due to the large number of internet users to such an extent that buying from many channels is a new norm in the apparel industry as many retailers are transitioning from physical to online such as through social media, mobile commerce, smart phones, etcetera. Nevertheless, an integrated and connected buying journey over many channels is the next step for retailers to deliver the requirements of the consumers. The arrival of Omnichannel retailing facilitates an easy and seamless buying experience that improves the convenience of consumer shopping. This recent advancement of retailing industry is studied through the empirical confirmation to comprehend how Omnishoppers utilize Omnichannel retailing in a developing country, which gives the outcome of positive and strong relationship of assurance quality with perceived usefulness that leads to improving the usage of Omni retail channel.

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