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Successful Entrepreneurial Process as contributor towards Business Performance in Banking: Moderating role of Entrepreneurship Passion for Inventing

In last decade, banking landscape has faced different constraints and witnessed significant changes in Pakistan. That is the reason, the economy of Pakistan and banking sector has faced several challenges. Pakistani banking sector is lacking in entrepreneurial activities, in reflection, banking industry is suffering from low performance. To resolve this issue of lower level of entrepreneurial activities, the current study comes up with the prime objective to highlight the significant entrepreneurial factors to boost up the banking sector performance. To achieve this objective, this study adopted the survey approach to collect the data by using area cluster sampling. Total numbers of 500 questionnaires were distributed among the employees of banking sector from different localities of Pakistan. The results of the study found that entrepreneurial factors such as management support, work discretion, entrepreneurial education, previous entrepreneurial experience and time availability have significant positive impact on business performance in banking sector. Moreover, it is found that entrepreneurship passion for inventing moderating the relation- ship between these factors and business performance, except time availability. Thus, the current study is contributing to the body of knowledge by determining the entrepreneurial success factors in banking sector. For the reason, this study is beneficial for practitioners to boost up the banking sector performance in Pakistan.

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