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The Moderating effect of Business Network on the Relationship Between Export Market Orientation, Total Quality Management and Company Export Performance: Evidence from Furniture Industry of Pakistan

The contribution of the Pakistan furniture industry in exports has declined in the last few years. This situation is alarming for industry and country economic growth and overall performance of the industry. The main objective of study is to investigate the moderating role of the business network (BN) on the relationship among total quality management (TQM), export market orientation (EMO) and company export performance (CEP) of furniture industry of Pakistan. The study has adopted the Partial Least Squares Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) technique to assess the 119 responses from the furniture industry. The findings of the study shown the significant relationship between EMO, TQM, and CEP. More importantly, the study-initiated BN moderating effect on the relationship between EMO, TQM, and CEP. However, this study found that BN is the influential variable to enhance the effectiveness of EMO and TQM which leads to higher CEP. Therefore, the present is helping to furniture firms that they can effectively implement the EMO, TQM and BN strategies to increase the CEP in Pakistan context, whereas CEP reported low.

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