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Moderating Role of Person Job-Fit Facet between Hierarchical Plateau and Turnover Intention

This study aims to examine the impact of hierarchical plateau on turnover intention with moderating role of person job-fit facet. Hierarchical plateau is a point of an individual's career life where the probability of being promoted further is low. The theory of work adjustment (TWA) is applied in this research study which measures that satisfaction level of an employee and leaving a company when needs and desired system of the person and the organization system mismatched at the workplace. Overall 260 employees participated by filling the self-administrated questionnaires from three different industrial sectors of Karachi, Pakistan including banking sector, pharmaceutical and insurance employees but result of completely and accurately filled questionnaires of 223 employees were tested. The results are generated through using Structural Equation Modeling (PLS-SEM) technique. The results show that hierarchical plateau has positive impact on turnover intention. However, moderating role of person job fit facet (neither demand abilities nor need supplies) moderates' relationship between independent and dependent variable. This study provides a model to management leaders and practitioners who can extremely look into this growing issue not only in Pakistan but worldwide. Certain actions need to be implemented by management to foster a positive attitude towards turnover intention through proper recruitments, development strategies and career training programs over the span of time. Furthermore, the study also provides the guidelines to HR departments to design the policies to resolve hierarchical plateau issues in their organization.

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