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Millennials' Service Quality Preferences: Evidence from Large Retail Outlets in South Africa

Service quality and customer perception vary across business sectors. The youth plays a vital role in determining the quality of service in large food retail outlets in South Africa in general and most notably in the Cape Metropolis. This study investigated the most critical factors of service quality that are significant in the Millennials perception, used to measure quality in the large food retail sector. The quantitative method was adopted to measure the relationship amongst the variables of a retail service quality scale (RSQS), with the sample of 220 purposively drawn from second and third-year students at a university of technology. Findings indicate the coefficient of determination R2 of 88% and a Durbin-Watson (DW) coefficient of 0.25, as well as an F statistics (f-stat) of 63.92, this show that the physical aspect (ease of accessibility to products) will contribute positively to overall service quality of retail food outlets.

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