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Building Pakistan's country of origin image through the corporate image: Exploring optimal corporate brands for the image transfer

Pakistan is facing a multi-dimensional attack on its country image. While it is imperative to triumph over negative factors causing Pakistan’s bad country image. This research aims to explore optimal corporate brands of Pakistan to build their country of origin (CoO) image in light of the consumer-related and company-related factors. Exploratory research approach has been deployed to explore potential categories of goods/services containing corporate brands. Subsequently, the explored corporate brands have been assessed in light of factors that persuade image transfer from corporate brands to their country of origin. Findings confirmed that corporate brands, such as National Bank of Pakistan, United Bank, Habib Bank, Bank Alfalah, MCB Bank, Lucky Cement, DG Khan Cement, Fauji Cement, Attock Cement, Bestway Cement have been explored as optimal corporate brands for image transfer to build Pakistan’s country of origin image.

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