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The Effects of Supervisor Organizational Embodiment and Organizational Identification on the LMX-Creativity Relationship

Research Article

At the intersection between psychology and human resources management, this study is conducted to attain two objectives. First, it aims at investigating the indirect relationship of leader-member exchange (LMX) relationships and creativity via organizational identification. Second, differences in LMX-creativity relationship via organizational identification are explored from a trajectory that highlights the moderating role of supervisor organizational embodiment. This study adopts [...]

Why firms fail to Sustain? Evidence from Dow Jones Index Abstract

Case Study

This study, focusing on the longevity of large business organisations as a period of uninterrupted satisfactory financial market performance, has examined companies failing to demonstrate longevity, such as by being removed from the Dow Jones Industrial Average index. The present research has performed group- and case-level longitudinal analyses of financial performance indicators. Afterwards, the qualitative longitudinal analyses were conducted based [...]

The Effect of Traditional Media Communication and Social Media Communication in Generating Consumer Based Brand Equity in Context of Pakistan

Research Article

The purpose of this study is to examine the impact of traditional media communication and social media communication in generating the consumer based brand equity. This study provides an important theoretical contribution by introducing prosumers and lead users as for user generated content in the conceptual model. The study has used conventional advertising for measuring traditional media communication whereas, firm [...]

Analyzing the Spillover Effects from Parental Markets to Cross-listed IPOs on Mean returns and Price Volatility

Research Article

The phenomenon of synchronization of financial market dynamics and the transmission of price variability among markets has been analyzed using the mean returns and the volatility spillover between markets. However, an unanswered question is how those market dynamics are transmitted from parental markets to cross-listed IPOs. This paper addresses that question. In this study, we selected 74 cross-listed firms registered [...]

A Study on the Drivers of Employee Engagement and its Relationship with Employee Performance

Research Article

The statement claiming that the raised employees' engagement level will eventually help increase the employees' well-being and work performance has not previously vastly tested, specifically within faculty members of higher educational institutions (HEIs). The scarcity of noteworthy studies on the antecedents and outcomes of employee engagement is addressed while a complete, holistic and comprehensive model is presented in the paper [...]

FDI & New Business Startups: Does Financial Development Matter?

Research Article

The present paper intends to investigate the relationship of foreign direct investment and new business startups in the presence of financial development in EAGLE countries, an annual unbalanced data during the period from 2006 to 2016 is used. We apply system GMM approach to estimate the models. Findings suggest that foreign direct inflows boost new business start-ups in emerging countries. [...]

Successful Entrepreneurial Process as contributor towards Business Performance in Banking: Moderating role of Entrepreneurship Passion for Inventing

Research Article

In last decade, banking landscape has faced different constraints and witnessed significant changes in Pakistan. That is the reason, the economy of Pakistan and banking sector has faced several challenges. Pakistani banking sector is lacking in entrepreneurial activities, in reflection, banking industry is suffering from low performance. To resolve this issue of lower level of entrepreneurial activities, the current study [...]

Credit Risk, Capital, and Inefficiency: An Empirical Analysis of SAARC Banking Sector

Research Article

The main purpose of this study is to investigate the relationship between credit risk, capital, and inefficiency of South Asian Association for regional Cooperation (SAARC) banks. The study used seemingly unrelated regressions (SUR) approach on panel data for the period 2010-2016. The findings suggest that highly capitalized banks tend to increase inefficiency and credit risk faced by SAARC banking sector. [...]

An Empirical Analysis of the Buyer Perspective of Gaining Competitive Advantage through Supplier Development

Research Article

This study analyzes how buyer firm supplier development efforts can help achieve buyer competitive advantage. The main goal of this analysis is to understand how various supplier development efforts could impact the operational performance of a buyer. The study used the survey responses from consumer electronic businesses in Karachi. The study developed a model and used these responses to test [...]

How does financial development impact trade openness? Evidence from export performance of Pakistan

Research Article

Current Study examines the relationship between financial developments with export performance in Pakistan. This objective was attained by employing yearly time series method and statistics have been used from 1972 to 2014. This study develops financial development index by using principal component analysis. In addition to this, the effect of different ways of financial development has been analyzed, for instance [...]