SAJMS - South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

Formulation of Advanced H-Index: The S-Index

H-index is one of the famous tool for assessing the research authors, journals and publications ranking. With some demerits and limitations of H-index, this research study puts forward an enhanced version of H-index named as Sindex, which gives more accurate results in relevance to published papers and citations of a particular author (sum of various key factors of author’s ranking) and exclusively negative impacts of self-citations and multiple authored papers. Pearson Correlation analysis was conducted to illustrate the association of RePec research factors with the respective indices. The proposed S-index has proven the negative relationship with number of self-citations and multiple authored papers unlike the H-index, which lacks these factors. An enhanced model is developed for the suggested s-index which is anticipated to be practical for the future research valuations. The implication of both h-index and the new s-index varies with a refining modification which was required to achieve. The author performance measure can be attained by implementing the new index as it embraces the important factors which contributes towards Author’s profile.

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