SAJMS - South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

Consumer's Attitude towards Ramadan Advertising

Advertising in the Ramadan is at peak in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. It now resembles other festival theme based advertising. In view of the lack of the studies on the issue, this study has adopted the constructs commonly used in measuring attitude towards advertising. The adapted questionnaire was administered to a population of 320, and the valid sample size was 303. After ascertaining normality, validity, and reliability, initially overall model was tested through multiple regressions. Subsequently, hypotheses were tested separately through simple regression. The study found that entertainment, information, credibility and good for the economy and irritation positively influence consumers' attitude towards advertising. The study validates all the results, except irritation. This relationship is positive in this study but is inconsistent with earlier studies that found a negative relationship between irritation and attitude. The media industry will benefit from the finding of this study in developing right communication strategy on Ramadan Theme advertising. This study has not explored the effects of demographic factors and the moderating effect of different media, which could be incorporated in future research.

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