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Analyzing the Spillover Effects from Parental Markets to Cross-listed IPOs on Mean returns and Price Volatility

The phenomenon of synchronization of financial market dynamics and the transmission of price variability among markets has been analyzed using the mean returns and the volatility spillover between markets. However, an unanswered question is how those market dynamics are transmitted from parental markets to cross-listed IPOs. This paper addresses that question. In this study, we selected 74 cross-listed firms registered on Alternative Investment Markets (AIM). Initially those companies were incorporated on the Australian Stock Exchange, the Toronto Stock Exchange, the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, the Irish Stock Exchange, and NASDAQ. We used weekly data to analyze the transmission of market dynamics during the period from January 2001 to April, 2018.The findings show that only mean spillover effects from US and Australian markets and volatility spillover effects from US, Canada, Australia and Irish markets transmit to their counterpart cross-listed IPOs on the AIM. In addition, we report that the US market has a strong linkage effect in these markets as well as on their cross-listed firms. These findings suggest that prospective investors can develop and diversify their portfolio in the AIM.

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