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Influence of Electronic Media on Public Policies and Narratives in Pakistan Post-2005

The research article investigates the role of the news media and specifically electronic media since 2005, which has emerged as a strong force in Pakistan in the past decade and, under certain circumstances, shapes public policymaking in Pakistan. Media across the world is seen as a tool to shape public narratives and influence policymakers in crafting policies that adhere to the interest and welfare of the general public. Electronic media has emerged as a powerful medium of communication in Pakistan, even though its political decision-making role has mainly been ignored. The independence of electronic media in Pakistan is highly debatable; the emergence of private news channels has a relatively short span of age. Before the emergence of a broad spectrum of electronic media channels, a single state-owned news channel existed, and information flow was highly controlled. The influx of news channels made the news media landscape in Pakistan highly vibrant from 2005 onwards. During the Musharraf regime in Pakistan, the mushroom growth of electronic channels was witnessed, which made media the fourth pillar of the state. During the same rule, electronic media in Pakistan started influencing public policies and narratives and saw sanctions imposed by the same ruler. In Pakistan, electronic media played a more significant role in influencing public opinion, policies, and views that compel policymakers to draft policies accordingly. The public was made aware of their rights as citizens and reacted to government policies and current political happenings. Interestingly not just in Pakistan, but the international academia as well has not paid much attention to the media's influence on public policymaking. There is limited scholarly literature available as not much focus has been given to how media influences policymaking. This research article using a Foucauldian lens on "power-knowledge" will specifically examine how certain media groups in Pakistan have impacted policymaking and have played a significant role in major political happenings, which have directly impacted Pakistan's public policies.

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