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An exploratory study to identify the Drivers and Inhibitors for the use of Wireless Technology in Healthcare Setting: A case of Pakistan

Among various technological developments, the use of wireless technologies is emerging rapidly in the developing and industrialized economies. Healthcare environment is no exception to this phenomenon, whereas the health care environments have unique characteristics and uptake of wireless handheld technologies in a health care environment is complex and exceptional. For example in healthcare environment, individuals are trying to save lives instead of making profit. Researcher in information systems domain agreed that use of wireless handheld technology in health care environment could improve quality of care, cost reduction, error reductions, and better quality of information. Awareness and use of information communication technologies (JCT) are on the rise in Pakistan and uptake of the wireless technology in healthcare environment is relatively slow. Thispaper present the initial finding of the data collected from Pakistani healthcare professionals regarding their opinions and views about the use of wireless handheld technology in healthcare environment. Total of 300 surveys were distributed and 97 useable surveys were returned, data was analysed through SPSS software. Factor analysis through SPSS analysis clearly shows that Pakistani healthcare professionals are concerned about the usefulness and outcome offered by the technology itself.

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