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The Impact of Packaging Characteristics on Consumer Brand Preference

This study aims to investigate the impact of packaging characteristics on consumer’s brand preference in perspective to edible oils. Packaging characteristics are being measured such as various sizes of Package, different shapes of Package, safety, shelf life, convenience of storage, convenience of use, extra use of package and package attractiveness as per its importance in selection of edible oil brands. This study included Local and International brands of edible oils i.e. Dalda, Habib, Seasons Canola, Soya Supreme, Sunflower, Eva, Sufi, Meezan and other brands. This research paper also seeks to investigate the importance of packaging characteristics for edible oil by managing an understanding on how consumers measure on the mentioned variables. Identifying how the packaging characteristics of edible oil influence the purchase decisions of consumers. The total number of respondents were 117, and all were females who completed the questionnaire. Optimal Scaling (CATREG) was used to explain the impact of packaging characteristics on consumer brand preferences. This study identified that packaging characteristics are significant variable for consumer brand preference in edible oils because the significance of F value is less than 0.05 in all eight Propositions. Finally, conclusion was drawn that packaging characteristics has a association with consumer brand preference in edible oils.

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