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Selection Criteria for Implementing Optimum WIMAX Frequency Spectrum

This paper is about a work that was carried out by the authors in an attempt to identO, technologically robust and economically viable solution for commercial implementation and installation of WIMAX optima!frequency spectrum. A variety of broad band working spectrums are discussed. This paper especially focus' on parameters which play an important role in the selection process. Some of these parameters include Data rate. available Modulation Techniques. Competitive services in the particular spectrum. Interference Issues. Power requirements. Environmental effects. Quality of services. Security: Applications. World wide support. Available Vendors and so on. This work compares various WIMAX comparable standards and frequencies spectrum and provides a associative criteria with respect to bandwidth losses. interference factors, power coverage area. Capital Expenditure (CAPER) & Operational Expenditure (OPEX). This work also highlights pros & cons associated with successful implementation of WIMAX. After studying various parameters & indicators for an optimal implementation the study suggests that 2.5 Gift is the preferable choice for IVIMAX.

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