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Gender Discrimination in assigning Dull or Challenging Tasks in Banking Sector of Pakistan

This study investigates the gender biases of managers in assigning tasks to subordinates. Gender discrimination affects the productivity and efficiency of employees in any organization. It is assumed that managers assign challenging tasks to subordinates of same gender and assign dull tasks to the subordinate of opposite gender. The industry taken for the research purpose was banking sector of Pakistan. Ten banks and ten branches of each bank were taken for this study. The data was taken from the managers and four subordinates, which summed up to 100 managers and 400 subordinates; the questionnaire was comprised of demographics and personality traits. The model illustrated that managers commit gender discrimination in assigning a dull/challenging task to a subordinate. Generalized Linear Model (Logistic Regression) was used to study a nominal variable task type with two levels Challenging Task (1) and Dull Task (0). Young male managers were found to follow exchange theory concept. Experienced, male managers were mostly found to assign challenging tasks to the subordinate of opposite gender and dull task to the subordinate of same gender.

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