SAJMS - South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

Structural Analysis of Development Patterns

This study provides a sketch on the trends of domestic production and labor productivity in agriculture, industry and services sector of 155 countries from across the globe during the period of 1980 to 2012, while focusing mainly on the impact of income and size of the stated economies on their domestic productions and labor productivity. Findings confirm that the trend of production is decreasing for agricultural sector while increasing for service sector whereas, parabolic trend is found observed for it in industry sector, while the trend of labor allocations is found upward in industry and service sectors in contrast to downward trend in agricultural sector for all of the stated nations as the whole. It was noted that the average labor productivity was found with negative trend for all of the stated sectors. The findings further confirms that the income and size of the economies positively affect the productions in agriculture and industry sector substantially while manage to affect the service sector somehow as well. While the size of economy also effect the labor productivity in all of sectors of selected nations.

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