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The Right Marketing Tactics to Target Restaurants

In every industry, marketing plays a vital role in the success and failure of the product and services. In-order to make the products and services successful, it is very important to create effective marketing-strategies by employing effective marketing-tools. The objective of this research is to find out that whether restaurants should also be marketed and advertised heavily across various marketing tools & strategies to attract customers and what exactly are the key indicators, which customers/consumers prefer in a restaurant. For this study, a survey was conducted, where 201 respondents were chosen at random from different walks of life from Karachi. The results via one sample t-test filter out that service quality of the food is more preferred than the pricing of the food items. Also, people prefer quick service, good ambience of the restaurant, variety of food items, offers/discounts, and good staff behavior. The study implies that people don't compromise on the quality of the food in relative to price.

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