SAJMS - South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

The Effect of Loneliness at Work and Work Stress on Work Alienation and Work Alienation on Performance among Health Employees

This study aims to determine the effect of loneliness at work and work stress on work alienation and work alienation on employee performance among employees in Turkish healthcare institutions. Data collection tools were composed of Loneliness at Work Scale Work Stress Scale, Work Alienation Scale and Performance Scale. The study results revealed that work alienation was influenced by work stress (?=0.689) and loneliness at work (?=0.433) positively. These influences were statistically significant (?<0.05). In addition, it was found that work alienation had a negative and statistically significant effect on performance (?=-0.264) (?<0.05). The performance of health employees decreased with increasing work alienation. It should be noted that low job performance of these employee may lead to irreversible consequences such as death or disability. Viewed from this perspective, the determined factors that cause work alienation in employees (health institutions) play significant role and health institutions are required to take precautionary measures

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