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The Impact of Personal and Cultural Factors on Green Buying Intentions with Mediating Roles of Environmental Attitude and Eco-Labels as Well as Gender as a Moderator

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of personality traits of consumers regarding their green buying intention by measuring the mediation effects of eco-labels and environmental attitude along with the moderation of gender. To the researchers' best knowledge, there is a lack of research in developing countries in explaining the influence of rarely researched factors such as loyalty proneness on green buying intention. To uncover this gap, using survey method data from a sample of 434 has been collected through a structured questionnaire distributed among employees of the different national and multinational companies. Findings suggest that consumer personality traits except collectivism have a significant impact on Green buying intention. Furthermore, the mediation of eco-labels and environmental attitude along with the moderation of gender has a strong impact on consumer's green buying intention. These findings depicted that the green market is evolving in developing countries, so it has created an open avenue for marketers to better grab the opportunities from green products and focus on establishing that new category of green products in Pakistan. Moreover, the present study helps to eliminate the research gap by evaluating the interaction effect of gender with environmental attitude and eco-labels on green buying intention.

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