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Consumer Buying Attitudes towards Counterfeit and Green Products: Application of Social Comparison Theory and Materialism

Counterfeiting and the purchase of counterfeits have been a global issue for years and it seems to be growing, it gives rise to criminality and many other economic problems. It does not only affect the economic environment but the ecological environment as well. Hence, this research aims to find out the factors that make people purchase counterfeits and factors that affect green consumption with respect to materialism. The purpose of our research is to emphasize the factors namely; Self-Esteem, Social Media Usage, Religiosity, and Individual values specifically Self-Enhancement, Self-Transcendence Values that affect the purchase of counterfeit and green consumption and their relationship with three aspects of materialism. Findings illustrate new relations, which showed that materialism mediates the relationship between Social Media Usage and Purchase of counterfeits; Self-Enhancement Values and Purchase of counterfeits; Self-Esteem and Purchase of counterfeits and Religiosity and Purchase of counterfeits.

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