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What Brings the Innovation in Business Model(s)? Evidence from Pakistan Mobile Banking Sector

Establishment of a new form of a business model(s) by carrying many B2B partnerships among banks, cellular companies and government institutions, etc. serves the necessity for the survival in complex dynamics of the newly emerged Pakistani mobile-banking sector. This study intends to examine the elements that influence the extent of innovation information of new business model(s) among this newly emerged service sector. Four research questions have been developed. The questionnaire has been filled by 345 top executives and middle managers chosen through a stratified sampling strategy. The gathered data was analyzed using the regression-based conditional process analysis (Hayes, 2017). The findings revealed some vital pieces of information for both practitioners and academicians. The signi?cance of work is justi?ed with the fact that this study effort to address some of the research gaps of the existing literature body.

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