SAJMS - South Asian Journal of Management Sciences

Perceived Compensation Fairness, Job Design, and Employee Motivation: The Mediating Role of Working Environment

The purpose of this research is to investigate different factors of employee job motivation in the public sector commercial banks of Pakistan. Using a mixed-method approach primary data were collected through survey questionnaires and interviews from 263 employees working in 4 large-sized commercial banks of Pakistan. Findings reveal that perceived compensation fairness and job design are positively associated with the job motivation of bank employees. Moreover, the working environment plays a significant mediating role in the relationships between (i) compensation fairness and job motivation, and (ii) job design and job motivation. The statements derived from the interviews of employees working in the public sector commercial banks have further validated our results. The study also discusses the policy guidelines, theoretical and practical implications, and limitations. As such, important implications have been accentuated for the top management and policymakers of the public sector commercial banks to ponder over the issues raised in the study.

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