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Readable Labels and Moderating Effect of Individual Personality Traits Effect on Consumer Healthy Packaged Food Selection Intention

It is a common notion that front of pack label guide individual for the selection of healthy and right amount of packaged food. The inconsistent results found in past studies. In continuation with current study proposed a model which is underpinned with theory of planned behavior. The proposed model comprised of factors affecting individual attitude to read food label at point of purchase like traffic lights efficacy, health claim efficacy and user friendly label efficacy, whereas direct impact of subjective norm and self-efficacy was also investigated. Moreover, the personality traits were investigated as moderator. The data collected from three renowned retail outlet of Pakistan named; Al-Fatah, Hyperstar and Metro Cash and Carry. For the in depth study mixed method was used. Therefore, for quantitative date the cross-sectional data was collected with convenience sampling technique using adapted questionnaire whereas for qualitative analysis unstructured questions used for detail interview. The sample size for quantitative analysis was 1146 and for qualitative data 32 interviews were conducted. The results revealed that user friendly label efficacy and health statement efficacy insignificant effect in direct relation whereas full mediation observed with label reading attitude. In contrary to that traffic lights label efficacy has insignificant effect in both direct and indirect relation. Subjective norm and self-efficacy have significant impact on individual intention for healthy food selection. In addition to only two personality traits like; agreeableness and conscientiousness moderated between label reading attitude and intention. The current study implies that consumer education regarding nutrients is necessary.

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