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The Impact of Personal and Cultural Factors on Green Buying Intentions with Mediating Roles of Environmental Attitude and Eco-Labels as Well as Gender as a Moderator

Research Article

The purpose of this paper is to examine the impact of personality traits of consumers regarding their green buying intention by measuring the mediation effects of eco-labels and environmental attitude along with the moderation of gender. To the researchers' best knowledge, there is a lack of research in developing countries in explaining influence of rarely researched factor such as loyalty [...]

Trade Liberalization Effects on Import Demand: The Pakistan Experience Using Bilateral Trade Data

Research Article

The fundamental objective of this study is to estimate for basic trade elasticity and assess the impact of trade liberalization on Pakistan's import demand in bilateral case for a sample of selected countries. In sample, countries are selected from both the developed and developing world on account of their greater share in Pakistan's total imports. The method of auto-regressive distributed [...]