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The Fear of Covid-19 With Role of Avoidance Behavior and Self-Resilience

Studies conducted in the field of resilience have proven the role of resilience in their clinical presentations, but few studies investigated the relationship between resilience and painrelated fear. However, there are limited studies to investigates the moderating role of self-resilience along with mediating role of avoidance behavior in fear of COVID-19. The survey questionnaire is used to collect responses from the public of Pakistan. The questionnaire sent to respondents using google forms, WhatsApp, and Facebook. A total of five hundred (500) responses were collected for data analysis. A causal relationship has been analyzed using partial least square equation modeling (PLS-SEM). This study confirmed that in the case in fear of COVID-19, avoidance behavior enhances the level of worry, Panic, and sense of helplessness. Thus, avoidance behavior holds the potential to increase COVID-19 Fear. It is further observed that self-resilience is useful in decreasing the level of Worry and Panic spread due to COVID-19 fear which means a high level of self-resilience controls the recurrence of worry and panic when and where it appears. The result of this research identified that avoidance behavior could result in increased fear. Hence the study concluded that avoidance behaviors should be adopted under some clinical therapy to overcome the fear of related issues with certain clinical recommendations. The study further concluded that stronger self-resilience can be helpful in managing persistent fear, worry, and panic

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