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Cross-Cultural Evaluation of the Mediation of Attitudes in Relationship of Cultural Values and Behavioral Reactions toward Web Based Advertising

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The current study examines the associations between the individual's cultural values about web-based advertising (IWA), attitudes toward web-based advertising (AWA) and individual's behavioral reactions (BR) in three dissimilar cultures Pakistan, Malaysia and the United States of America. The study is based on the ve individual cultural values to evaluate the understanding of the cultural perception of the web-based advertising users [...]

Using Eisenhardt's Method to Study Ethnic Entrepreneurial Communities

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The purpose of this paper is to explain the Eisenhardt case based method of theory development using an example of a study on ethnic entrepreneurial communities in Karachi. The paper servers' two purposes: (a) It serves as a guide, for the future researchers studying the entrepreneurial activity in Pakistani context, to establish the internal validity of the methodology which can [...]

Single Stock Futures and their Impact on Risk Characteristics of the Underlying Stocks: A Dynamic CAPM Approach

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The concern regarding destabilizing ability of trading in futures markets in terms of increase in risk is still unresolved in developed and developing economies. This discussion also prevailed in Pakistan after the Global Financial Crisis (GFC). To investigates this concern with respect to Single Stock Futures (SSFs) and their impact on the underlying stocks, this study made use of data [...]