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Cross-Cultural Evaluation of the Mediation of Attitudes in Relationship of Cultural Values and Behavioral Reactions toward Web Based Advertising

The current study examines the associations between the individual's cultural values about web-based advertising (IWA), attitudes toward web-based advertising (AWA) and individual's behavioral reactions (BR) in three dissimilar cultures Pakistan, Malaysia and the United States of America. The study is based on the ve individual cultural values to evaluate the understanding of the cultural perception of the web-based advertising users towards individual's attitudes toward web-based advertising (AWA). This addresses the research gap that how individual's values-driven attitudes towards web-based advertising influence the individual's behavioral reactions (BR). The study uses the Hofstede cultural dimensions to delineate the cultural variability between three national cultures which also provides ecological assumption based contextual interpretation to the web-based advertising effectiveness. The findings demonstrated that the four individual cultural values are important forecasters of attitudes toward web-based advertising (AWA) and Behavioral Reactions (BR). However, the misrepresentation of value in web-based advertisements was negatively evaluated by the users. The fi ndings pointedly provide evidence that individual cultural valuesare a noteworthy forecaster of the web-based ad browsing and rate of recurrence of web-based spending. The study provides theoretical and practical implications to consider individuals values and persuasive knowledge in web-based advertisements instead of focusing on repeated exposure to the obtain favorable behavioral reactions (BR).

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