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Mobile Advertising Technology Acceptance Model (M-TAM): An Extension of TAM in Mobile Marketing Context

Mobile advertising technology has revolutionized the way companies interact with their customers. This has offered both marketers and consumers the advantages of convenience, flexibility, and ubiquity etc. Irrespective of the advantages of mobile advertising technology, it is not easy for marketers and researchers to form adoptable mobile advertising technology for consumers without being in a position to precisely foresee consumers behavioural outcome. Additionally, this field appears to be scant in academic researches. The current study was initiated to empirically examine the influence of m-advertising technological factors (i.e., ease of use, usefulness, person- alization and credibility) on consumers adoption behaviour. These factors were also mediated by emotional value in order to influence end users adoption behaviour. A quantitative approach based upon a cross-sectional administered survey was employed to collect the data from university going student as respondents. The Partial Least Square (PLS) two step path modelling was used through SmartPLS 3 to test the direct and indirect hypotheses. The results indicate that mobile advertising technology factors (i.e., ease of use, usefulness, personalization and credibility) directly and indirectly impact consumers adoption behaviour through emotional value. Based on the findings of the study, theoretical and practical contributions along with certain limitations and future researches recommendation are discussed consequentially.

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