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Does same gender schooling matters more than the both gender schooling for exam scores?

It is unknown to what degree single-gender classrooms relate to the overall student performance, when compared to the performance of students coming from co-educational school setting. It is thus imperative for educators and parents alike to note whether or not the single-gender classrooms have an effect on academic performance, in order to close the gender gap. This study investigated whether there is any difference between the academic performances (exam results) of: the students coming from the co-educational classrooms, and the students from the same-gender classrooms. In order to examine this objective, eight schools of Karachi (Pakistan) were selected, among which four schools are co-educational while the other four are singlegender. For this research, Classes 1 till Class 10 were taken into consideration, and the average results are selected for the analysis in order to determine the relation between the results of the single-gender setting and the coeducational setting. The statistical technique of the Independent Sample Ttest was used in order to examine any significant differences between the academic performances (exam results) of the students coming from the two settings. The findings of this research indicated that there are statistically significant differences in the academic performances (exam results); suggesting that on average, students from the single-gender classrooms have a significantly higher mean of exam-performance than do students from the coeducation classrooms. To conclude, the said phenomenon is observed among students, which shows that academic performance can be gauged by the level of involvement students have in the class rooms.

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