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The Role of Guerilla Marketing for Consumer Buying Behavior in Clothing Industry of Pakistan using Structural Equation Modeling (SEM)

The study examines the impact of viral, street, stealth, ambient, and ambush marketing on consumer buying behavior towards the clothing industry in Karachi, Pakistan. The study has used structural equation modeling for data analysis while the purposive sampling technique has been used and collected 247 sample size based on the estimation of Soper (2018). The results have shown that street marketing, stealth marketing, and ambush marketing, as components of Guerilla marketing, have a considerable effect on consumers' buying behavior towards clothing products in Karachi, Pakistan. However, viral marketing and ambient marketing were found to have no relationship with consumers' buying behavior towards clothing products. In this regard, the study concluded that people in Karachi city of Pakistan don't pay much attention to the authenticity of information they are receiving, they show interest in fake news, blogs, social networking sites, etc. which can be used as powerful tools of stealth marketing. While people respond more in unconventional ways, like placing ads where people read, physically interacting with people, distributing samples, and wrap advertising. Henceforth, on the basis of results and findings, the study also provides some managerial and practical implications as well as future research directions

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